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Checkmate Post #2

I've did a LITLLE TINY BIT of writing here and there for Checkmate, and ideas are still running wild. But these ideas are pretty much for LATER in the story (near the end) so i don't know whether to celebrate or cry.

I've wrote a part of chapter one- just want to file it in...

Chapter 1 (Unfinished, Draft 1)

Yemu Village is a small quiet village in the Western Province of the Kingdom of Zeckbeth. Located in the valleys of the infamous Dazht Belt- which is made up of a cluster of rocky and dangerous mountains, Yemu Village is the dream of retirees who wished to spend the rest of their lives in peace and quie-

“HAHA GOTCHA!” A loud shout echoed through the grassy plains. A clang of metal followed, and a series of clashes were not far behind.

“Go aniki!” The only blonde in the group of children causing the ruckus cheered. The youngest and thus the smallest-sized of the lot, Daisuke looked on at the issuing spar with sparkling eyes of admiration- for his aniki, Gun.

“Qirin-ne-chan! You can do it! Kick that idiot’s butt!” Yaho whistled, obviously supporting the opponent.



All shouts and cheers aside, it is starting to become obvious that the boys are rooting for the male fighter while the girls rooted for Qirin.

“Time!” Gun pointed his weapon, a gun at Qirin while airborne from a blow he received from the girl earlier. A large magic circle appeared before him, and two lines extended from the centre of the circle, spinning around like the hands of a clock.

“Freeze Fire!” A bright blue laser shot quickly from the centre. The target froze in her tracks due to the skill effect and got blown away by the shot.

“You’re so dead.” Qirin snickered, landing on her knees and feet, skidding to a stop a few feet away.

“Oh shit.” Gun cursed when he realized his attack wasn’t strong enough to end the fight. Because of the effect of his skills, his movement will be slowed down fifty-times while his weapon recharged itself. And since, Gun’s speed wasn’t that fast from the start, he found himself rooted to the spot where he landed.

“My win~” Qirin cheered as the blades of her two twin blades appeared through two portals next to Gun, placed at his neck from both the back and the front. Some of the boys in the group- namely Daisuke, groaned in disappointment.

Gun rolled his eyes, “not so fast.”


Qirin lost grip to one of her blades suddenly. The said blade spun to the ground and she barely had time to recover before she was knocked to the ground and found herself staring into the barrel of a gun.

“My win~”Gun smirked. His other hand held down her hand still with the blade, while his knee pressed into her other arm.

Now it was Qirin’s turn to roll her eyes. “Fine. My loss.” The girls groaned as Gun released her and they stood up.

“Lunch is on the girls~!” Max cheered while Daisuke pounced on Gun. “Aniki that was so cool!!!”

“Good job,” Max thumped Gun in the back, “I had no idea you had that kind of speed.”

“Yeah, it really surprised me.” Qirin admitted sheepishly. “I won’t lose to you next time!”

“Gun-san, you have a cut…” A small voice from the back of the group attracted everyone’s attention.

Gun absently touched his left cheek, which has been stinging for awhile now. Ouch. A cut… Ro nudged Nina towards the victor.

“Right, thanks Nina,” Gun grinned as he allowed the honey-coloured hair girl heal his cut.

“You’re welcome,” Nina smiled, “I’m glad all your practice paid off.” Everyone hummed in agreement over the improvement Gun made- not that he was weak from the start. Their sensei had always commented and taunted Gun over his slow speed, and all that extra training paid off… at Qirin’s expense.

“I need to train more.” Qirin declared, scanning the small group for a next opponent.

“Max-nii-chan, I haven’t seen you spar much,” Daisuke piped up with excitement.

Max shrunk away from the group, “w-what? Erm me? N-no…”

After i have written this, and re-read it, i realized that Max didn't have much character *sighs* so i am re-doing this again. This is the first time EVER i wrote a story without starting it with a dialogue, i think it turned out pretty well xD
In this small part i try to introduce the characters one by one, because there's going to be like, TWELVE lead characters, including their trainer dude. So in this short part, there's already SIX characters... *sigh* dam i need to re-do it. Maybe i should try a different setting... Or something.


Last night i didn't have much mood to write, but i was bitten by the ART BUG, and i drew Gun. He's the main character. Dam i just fell in love with my own drawing.

Well then, until next time =)


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