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Checkmate is DEAD.

As I thought, Checkmate totally DIED. Haha. Sad. I'm not even thinking about Gun anyway. OMIGAWD. Poor Gun, just when I finally finished colouring his wings. Damn. I'll get back to it someday.

Somehow, D18came smacking back at me in full force. Totally. LOL. Posted a D18 one shot at ff.net XD called Messages. Which i wrote at the first season of D18 fever. (Currently i am in the second season. LOL.) I edited it, then posted it. Bleh. 5 reviews so far. And it made me totally happy. I thought the ending part was pretty awkward though. A cute reviewer added it to Story Alert. Haha. Although the story status was totally "Completed." Hmm... Maybe i should consider added another short Omake on their dinner. I just had this splendid idea while i was VACUUMING the house. Hah. That's so lame.

Writing a new D18 fic in my trusty notebook. Involves fem!Hibari and Dino. AND THEY ARE MARRIED. LOL. For some reason Mpreg totally feels sick to me. I wanted babies so. Hibari, you are the uke so you had to do the gender bending. Haha. I've reread it a couple of hours ago, and... Hibari is totally OOC. Really depressing.

There was another DDR session at my house today. Qian, Lumbo, Debbie came over... I need to practice harder. I'm better than them first-timers naturally. I OWN the game, really, i bought it. Of course i'll play better. I wanna master the Expert level soon and own PEOPLE. Muahahha. Work hard!

I've finally sent out the acceptance letter for my Nursing degree. Whew. And financial assistance summary is totally making me @_@ zzz i can't believe i missed the dateline. Should be more careful hm. Thankfully they extended the dateline for me ><



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