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Checkmate lives?

 Hmm i wonder. Well, I wrote out a RayneXKayne scene in my notebook, and RayneXKayne smut in my handphone *blush* (I WAS BORED AT THAT TIME OKAY!) Anddd Kayne and Rayne sketches. How TWINCEST is totally getting into me. Must. Stop. Now.

Had another idea for an Original Fiction. Basically, it's based on Mafia. Uke rises from nobody to Mafia Boss with the help of another Mafia Boss, X. Seme is X's Right Hand Man. At the beginning Seme doubts X's trust in Uke, who's like a nobody, but he soon learns to trust Uke. X later dies in a fight with other Mafias. Uke, Seme and X's men fight over control of the Mafia. In the end Uke won and led the Mafia to victory(?) More like help them survive and stuff. And UkeXSeme live happily ever after. Not quite possible but it'll just end there.

For characterizations, Uke will be BRAINS. totally. With basic self-defensive skills. No uke should be too weak. Uke will bbe pretty as hell, so he's mistaken for a whore by X's men at the beginning. Yeah. And then Seme is your ordinary Seme, the perfect kind with hot looks etc. Seme loves X at first, but X doesn't swing that way so Seme stays to protect his love~~~ Seme is angry with X at first as he thought he got dumped by X for Uke. Anyway, remember the pairing is SemeXUke!!! XD

Okay moving on to my er... Manga'ish interests...

Sadly for my D18 love, well... it kinda died. LAWL. And i had no idea what made me type another chappie of Messages and post it last night. The number of hits totally reached an all time high, and i'm totally giddy with happiness XD Some added it to Favourites, Story Alerts and stuff which totally made my day too :D But i think i'll be setting D18 aside for now...

Wanna know how D18 kinda died on me? Well... Got myself a copy of Kingdom Hearts II two weeks back. ANDDD I met a totally cute and hawt Roxas who totally makes you wanna raep him on the spot   And so... Enter AkuRoku. I've only played like 1 hour of the game, but i did my research XD and read some totally AWESOME fics- Identity, The Unfamiliar, Heartless Vs Nobodies and a totally smexy one-shot Wet Blush. OMG. *diess from fangirl attack*


Anyway, another thing came up. NARUTO. OMG i can't believe i'm saying this but, OMG NARUTO ROCKS. Okay i haven't read until the latest chapter yet, but... Naruto is SO UKE.

Naruto: WHAT?! I'm going to be Hokage!!! How can i bottom?!

Haha. Cos i got hooked to Kakashi X Naruto XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD And smart Naruto and angst Naruto make great fics XD

I've read this umm... Situational Hazard. OMG so MANY REVIEWS. Nice ending... Although i don't like the S&M thing at the end... and it was their first smut too D: i just wanted a fluffy one ><

OOH OOH like "Guy's Cure" from Tales of the Abyss. That fic made me totally fall in love with Jade X Guy.  OMG OMG OMG *fans myself*

And not forgetting... OMG so embarrassing. I got hooked on Ben10. A CHILDREN'S CARTOON. *diess* And from Ben10, Kevin X Ben. ;P i know kevin is together with Gwen and Ben with er... i forgot that black-haired girl's name. but anyway. BLEH. I totally look out for Kevin X Ben moments. Argh. I better restrain myself and prevent corrupting my toddler cousins' minds xD

Okay. I'd better stop babbling for now. *yawn* Nights~!


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