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Movie Review

Wolves of Kromer

Warnings: Heavy Spoilers! Unsuitable for Yaoi-haters and kids?

Notes: I got this movie off aarinfantasy O_O cos i was in serious need of BL. LOL. But overall i was pretty disappointed. But the two leads are such eye candy XD

The Story:
There're two wolves, er Gabriel and Seth. So Gabriel is the seme and Seth is the uke. I think. LOL. Anyway, let's start. There's this rich old lady and she has this other old lady, Fanny, who "looks after" her. Everyday, this Fanny poisons the rich one with insulin who belongs to her friend, another old lady. For those who don't know, people with diabetes (Fanny's friend) have to take dosages of insulin to store sugars in their bodies. Anyway, so yes, Fanny and friend is trying to kill rich old lady to get her money. Ok.

Then on the other hand, we zoom in on Gabs and Seth. Seth ran away from home and met Gabs, so they're like together already. So we get random GxS moments then explains their lives with that stupid village. The people are totally afraid of wolves, and then there's the screwed up Father of some church in the village. He says what uh wolves are creations of the devil and yadda yadda yadda.

SO. After awhile, old lady is drugged, then brought to the forest and left there for the wolves to find. Anyway, i think they bit her leg or something and then she died. So everyone thinks it's the wolves that killed her, when actually i think it was the insulin.More trouble when Gabs confesses to Seth that he had a lover before. Seth got angry and left. Seriously Gabs USED to have a lover, not much to get upset over but FINE. They argued and Seth left. Seth then meets Polly, the neice of rich old lady and both of them had sex. O_O Seth just wanted Gabs to feel jealous and stuff...

After that, Seth missed some wolf party, and Gabs got pretty emo. The next day, Seth returns to their "home" (actually a tent in the forest) and tells Gabs that he had sex with the girl. More quarrels and stuff and Gabs left. That night Gabs stupidly wandered into the church and fucked-up Father shot Gabs, Gabs die. Seth went to meet Polly and tell her that he actually loves Gabs, Polly (sweet girl) says she understands and hurried him to find Gabs cos the whole village is after him. Anyway, Seth finds Gabs (dead) and starts confessing his undying love for Gabs. Finding unresponsive Gabs strange, he asks Gabs to wake up so they can leave... and finds out that he's dead already. Enter fucking Father, and he shot Seth. So they both die. (I got so pissed off I skipped the church session the next morning, anyway, turns out that Father is a fucking wolf as well!!!) Anyway, at the end we get a nice scene of Gabs, Seth and rich old lady dancing. Which is really cute. If not for Seth's flat chest, I'd thought he was a girl ;P


My thoughts, other than those above:

Okay, i think it was a pretty low budget movie. LOL. All the wolves wearing fur coats with really fake looking attached tails. so *cough* i shall not complain anymore.
Their acting can definitely be improved. By "their" i mean Seth and Gabs. There's this scene, the one where they fought? It went something like this:

Seth: *stops away*
Gabs: Seth.
Fuck it.

Ok, i would really prefer for Gabs to be more emotional and at least stand up and look at Seth's retreating back. but he just sat there and "Seth. Seth." Then "Fuck it." when you curse "Fuck it," shouldn't you sound like,angry? So i laughed at that scene DX

There isn't any uh graphic BL love-making. Although there's this really hot making out session in the dark >< You get to see Polly and Seth is action more clearly than Gabs and Seth. DX And uh, after Polly and Seth did their thing, you get a nice prolonged shot of Seth naked, with pubic hair ;P i skipped that part too. and blushed. OMG. *looks away*

Hmm that's all i can remember for now, but i really, really REALLY wanna watch a BL movie with HAPPY ENDING and hot make-out sessions xP uh, not too much nakedness i hope >< i still can't get used to seeing that. GYAH!!!


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