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Warnings: SMUT. Don't like, don't click. I warned you. Yaoi-haters bug off, because this IS YAOI.

Last warning: BoyXBoy ahead. Turn back now if you don't like!!!

Note: I typed this using my HANDPHONE. So forgive me if there are mistakes like mixing up the "of" and "me." You've typed a celphone message before right? You know how the dictinery in the phone works. So please be nice.

Kayne and Rayne are OCs (Original Characters) from a story called Checkmate, an original fic that i thought about. Since my thoughts move faster than my fingers, i hardly typed much of the story down. kayne and rayne are twin brothers who were successors to their assassin clan until their less talented older brother framed them of murdering their parents and they were thus banished from the clan. Jade (Master) took them in and trained them together with Kit, Gun, Ro and the rest for the Checkmate Games.

This is the first smut i've EVER written. So again, please be nice.

Kayne felt a deep blush grace his cheeks as he watched his older brother slide the door close, then locking it.

"M-maybe we should wait until tomorr-" The younger sibling stammered but was cut off by his brother.

"Too bad I can't keep my hands off you," Rayne murmured, hooking an arm around Kayne's waist and pulling him closer.

"Let's do it tonight okay?" he continued, his warm breath tickling Kayne's lips. Rayne's puppy eyes and pouting lips were as persuasive as ever, as Kayne finally gave in, he himself pouting slightly. "Okay..."

Rayne gave him a bright smile- making Kayne's heart skip a few beats. And then their lips met. Rayne achieved dominance in no time, prodding into the younger Xarius warmth cavern, their tongues clashing together in a playful way. Both their eyes fluttered close, enjoying the sensation of finally being together, alone. Sure they enjoyed hanging out together with their team, but there's got to be a limit. They haven't had time like this since their match last week, and they're finally home again.

When they finally broke apart, Kayne gazed shyly at his brother, and watch the warmth and love shown clearly in Rayne's eyes. All the worries over what Otho said earlier that day was smashed into tiny bits. There's no way his brother could ever despise him... Rayne definitely loves him as much as he claimed he did. At that thought, Kayne blushed several shades deeper red, and Rayne smirked.

"You're so adorable," Rayne breathed, licking Kayne's ear.

"Eep!" Kayne jumped in surprise, one hand going to clasp over the said ear but Rayne caught his wrist. Continuing to lick and suck at the earlobe, Rayne succeeded in getting a moan out of Kayne.

"A-aniki..." Kayne cried softly as his older brother traced an invisible line with his lips down his neck.

"Hmmm..." Rayne hummed lazily, sucking gently at the base of his younger brother's neck, and at the same time pulling him closer. Kayne locked his arms around Rayne, trying to get them closer than they already are. He then buried one hand into his brother's dark hair.

Kayne started to moan again as his older brother got bolder, slipping one hand into his yukata and the other hand gently lowering him back onto their shared bed. Rayne then got hold of one of Kayne's nipple, rubbing his thumb against it.

"Nngh-!" Kayne gave a small cry but was cut off when Rayne silenced him with his lips. Kayne moaned into the mouth covering his, clutching his brother more tightly. After toying with his tongue for a bit, the lips claiming his soon disappeared, only to close around the teased nipple.

"A-aniki!" Kayne yelped, shuddering. After a thorough licking and a small nip, Rayne moved on to the neglected one.


Rayne's hands, on the other hand, wandered lower, sliding teasingly up and down Kayne's inner thighs, purposefully avoiding his length. Rayne tried to hold down a mean smirk as he moved on to tease his younger brother while pinning down both his wrists. Kissing up the navel and down, then skipping past the obi to kiss and lick at the area on the legs next to his most sensitive area, Rayne soon reduced Kayne to a shuddering ball of nerves as he started bucking, his hardened length starting to weep for attention.

"A-aniki... P-please..."

Finally fulfilling his brother's wish, Rayne gave the length a lick, and Kayne cried out, bucking upwards in response. Kayne gripped at the sheets restlessly, moaning for more. Kayne is just too adorable not to bully...

"Aniki..." Kayne begged, trying to bring himself closer to his older brother. Rayne bent over, catching his brother's lips again, finally releasing Kayne's hands. Kayne wasted no time finding his way into his brother's yukata to feel the lean but hard muscles of his older brother. Rayne stilled slightly as Kayne's curious hands brushed against his hardened nipples. Not letting this chance go to waste, Kayne pushed forwards into Rayne's mouth, at the same time rubbing their hips together. Both brothers groaned at the sensation. Rayne grabbed at Kayne, their continued ministrations driving each other into a frenzy.

Rayne panted as he sucked and bit and licked at the pulse near Kayne's neck, stopping when he is stunned by Kayne grinding impatiently against his hips.

"Tsk... So impatient..." Rayne smirked as he teased his brother's nipples again. Kayne whimpered, groping for Rayne's hand then bringing it to his length. "Aniki..."

"Well, i can't keep you waiting for long, can i?" Rayne gave the length one hard pump.
"Nngh!" Kayne's back arc away from the bed, and clutched at his brother's hair. Rayne pumped it a few more times, fueling cries of ecstasy from his lover writhing on the bed.
"You know, Rayne, Gun and Kit lent me something fun today. Okay it's actually Kit more than Gun." Rayne stilled his actions and murmured into Kayne's ear.

"Hmm?" Kayne answered him almost lazily, peering into Rayne's eyes with his own clouded with lust.

"A more... Enthusiastic reaction would be more satisfying..." Rayne pouted slightly, then reaching over to the bedside table and retrieving a strange looking object.

“What’s that?” Kayne managed to gasp out, staring curiously at the contraption.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Rayne smiled and kissed his brother again.



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