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Cosplay Ramblings

I just found some awesome cosplay photos by accident when looking for some other stuff online... And I'm all pumped up and excited about my Anise Tatlin cosplay again :D And my coser partner Jade, just HAVE to run off and play his Dragonica now. Talk about anti-climatic. LOL.

I've wanted to cosplay Anise... 2-3 years ago. But because of upcoming examinations and lack of determination, the cloth material i bought were left in my cupboard to rot. I picked them up again this year. And this time Jade, instead of Ion, is accompanying me to a Cosplay event at the end of this year.

Hmm let's talk about PROGRESS. I've got the hair and ribbons settled. I'll have to trim my fringe when the time comes. My mantle and pink dress is with my grandmother, who is helping me make the costume :D:D:D:D I shall glomp her in thanks :D:D:D The things worrying me now are the tokunaga, shoes and the design on the mantle. The design i'll have to hand-sew myself, the shoes i'll need to buy black cock-shoes and disfigure them somehow... and tokunaga... i'll need to finish the head since the body is done 2 years ago LOL. Knee-length socks... check!:D Ah. Knee bands. i forgot to ask my grandmother for help regarding that...

Then comes the POSES. It's my first time cosplaying so... And I'm camera-shy. So that means I'm screwed. Why be a cosplayer when you hate being photographed?! *sigh* Ah well... It looks fun when i took the photos of the cosplayers. i wish i have the guts when i time comes. THAT'S WHY I ASKED JADE TO DO A REHEARSAL with me but he ALWAYS dodged the topic when i asked!!! I'm seriously afraid of screwing up when the time comes, yes, yes, i'm kinda a perfectionist. i want my first cosplay to be PERFECT. Seriously. That's why it pisses me off when i see Jade's nonchalant attitude about the cosplay. HUMPH.

Maybe I'm the one being a bitch about it though. D:


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